SITS London

SITS London, founded in 2004; Trusted by leading private and public organisations to deliver transformation programmes, addressing their most complex and critical business challenges.

To meet those challenges, our unique workflow and highly collaborative approach optimizes and transforms your business, meeting your business expectations.

Combining high quality and performance services, added-value and innovation, SITS enables its clients to make the best use of information technology.

SITS supports businesses in the full technology lifecycle; from the definition of strategies through to their implementation. We add value through our expertise in major projects, knowledge of our clients’ specific businesses, expertise in technologies and a broad Worldwide presence.

We have ventured around the globe, increasing collaborative partners and reflecting a greater degree of product knowledge. Today SITS provides specialist services for: retail, education, recruitment (HR), government and large multinational corporations.

Our success for the greater part has been achieved by our unique workflow formulation and superior product knowledge.

Our Workflow Philosophy


Every SME organizations, incur issues, Night and Day. Unfortunately for us, technology has not reached the climax, where problems wouldn’t ever reach the client.


Client always need an organization that will listen and to provide a much needed positive reaction to their problem, whether its over the telephone or one to one contact.


Finding and applying the solution to the client’s problems, is our number one principal. It is paramount that the clients issues are resolved in the respectable timeframe provided to the client.

Why Choose Us?

SITS form a highly collaborative partnership, mapping out the customers actual need without overemphasizing the support requirements; transforming towards the clients digital revolutions.

How Do We Get In Touch?

Call us on +44 (0) 844 660 7487