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Our expertise in the healthcare industry has grown a wider scope of experience with the below companies/institutes:

Verichip (ADSX) ( positiveID )
Derek Clarke Pharmacy
Gees Pharmacy
Warwick Pharmacy
Kimberly Clark
NC Healthcare NHS Hospitals
NC Healthcare
Specialist Staffing (international)
NHC Direct

The medical industry contain various level of systems running on various platforms, knowledge and experience is a must within the health sector, helping to transform the systems and reflecting a smoother workflow.

Integrated health and social care 

Many factors are combining which mean the NHS and Local Government are struggling to deliver both health and social care services based on traditional models:  the ageing population, increasing public expectations of service quality and responsiveness as well as the continuing pressure on the public purse. The challenge is to develop new delivery models to ensure that we have a sustainable service to support all citizens at vulnerable periods in their lives.

The SITS vision for the future of health and care services is to support the development of  a sustainable, integrated delivery model that prevents ill health and manages demand.

At SITS we are working to provide digital solutions to achieve this vision through innovative new ways of working that:

  • Integrate the health care sector to provide a single view of the citizen
  • Embrace new technologies to support new solutions and to empower citizens
  • Encourage early interventions to reduce health issues for the individual

Find out more about  our work as Business Transformation partner for the Breaking Barriers – A review and report that is promoting a new local model for delivery of health and care services from a redesigned health campus that will bring together a range of locally provided health and care services to create an integrated service for the end user.


From e-health solutions, programmes to enable better data sharing across agencies and shared services to support back office efficiency, SITShas a considerable pedigree of delivering health and social care solutions.

We work with our health clients to develop and implement comprehensive programmes for transformational change, using modern integrated technology to drive improved service delivery.

Here are some of the things we do for our health clients:

  • Working with ATOS and IBM to provide e-health solutions for NHS Scotland. The systems we support pay out over £2bn per annum to doctors, dentists, pharmacists and opticians on behalf of NHS Scotland.
  • For over ten years, SITS has delivered and managed a Master Data Management platform for over 2.5 million Health and Care Number (HCN) records, a unique patient identifier for healthcare in Northern Ireland
  • We provide software and hardware integration that enables a regional and centralised Radiology Information System (RIS) and Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) referred to as NIPACS.  The NIPACS solution manages radiology and mammography workflows throughout the public healthcare system in Northern Ireland enabling efficient cooperation and resource utilisation across hospital boundaries
  • By 2020 NHS Shared Business Services (NHS SBS), our unique 50:50 joint venture with the Department of Health expects to save participating organisations £1bn.  Find out more about how these award winning back office services are supporting better patient care through financial efficiency