SITS understands that true integration is critical to enable the business to support today’s digital agenda. It demands solutions that securely interface and connect from a mobile office into the enterprise, enabling you to distribute and manage the real-time flow of information that’s so essential to agile business operations. We work with our customers to enable business change and evolution through our complete range of business technology services and solutions – at the core of which is Systems Integration.

Our expertise

Our experts are skilled in a broad range of technologies and standards and know that incumbent systems already hold a mass of potentially invaluable information. They can unlock its full value through careful integration between the potentially diverse technologies your organisation has currently deployed and those it plans to deploy in the future. Delivered through our local-global delivery model, and using a combination of new and existing assets, our Systems Integration services help our customers to:

  • leverage their information assets, ensuring they are current, available and secure
  • safely innovate through the use of new technologies such as mobile, cloud and analytics
  • extend their reach to customers and partners using secure gateways, service interfaces and portal technologies
  • adapt and improve efficiency by becoming an agile business, with right time and right place secure information and services
  • develop or compose bespoke solutions for exacting requirements
  • optimise their development and delivery processes through software-development lifecycle consulting

Whether your business issue requires a single bespoke application or an enterprise-wide solution, SITS has the capability and services to suit your needs – on premise, off premise or cross-premise.

Partnership culture and local-global delivery

At SITS we believe that suppliers support, but partners empower; we aim to become your partner. Our strategy is to partner with best-of-breed technology companies from across the marketplace allowing us to deliver optimum solutions to our clients.

Central to this strategy, is our vendor independence, ensuring that we are able to provide impartial and relevant advice to our clients from across the technical landscape.

We pride ourselves on our independence, but maintain close relationships with all of our partners, ensuring we are able to couple our experience together with our partners’ latest offerings to deliver business value and innovation.