Innovating and supporting large-scale industrial programmes

Technologies, security, innovation, cost control and ever shorter lead-times are the major challenges for industrial IT systems. SITS Scientific, Technical, Industrial and on-board Engineering (STIE) offering provides engineering markets with intensive software products, real-time systems, on-board and supervision software, primarily for the aerospace, aviation, marine and nuclear industries, but also for all high-technology industries.

Why Sopra SITS?

With nearly 1,000 specialists, we support our customers from the upstream engineering phases to the development of critical-software systems, and ensure their maintenance in operational conditions (MOC) throughout their lifespan. This is enabled by  business-line, functional and technological skills in:

  • Simulation and testing means
  • Supervision and remote operation
  • On-board software and critical real-time systems
  • Connected objects, electronics and signal processing
  • Telecoms and on-board networks

These skills are supported by our specific expertise:

  • Aerospace systems (energy, cockpit, flight control, positioning, altimetry, flight training and control centres)
  • Air-traffic management and control
  • Implementation of testing means
  • Acoustic signature of naval ships
  • Combat system, sonar and radar processing, neutronics and thermodynamics
  • Scientific computing
  • Operating safety (DO178, DO200, nuclear, etc.)
  • Cyber security

A commitment to quality and safety:

  • A strong culture of process industrialisation and project management
    (ISO 9001 certification: 2000, CMMI, SITS Quality System)
  • Partnership with the leading publishers: Esterel/SCADE, Telelogic/Synergy and DOORS, TNI/Reqtify, Mercury/Test Director, Matlab/Simulink, Qt, Ilog, CAST, etc.
  • Premises holding accredited defence clearance with specialised optical-fibre links