Quality service delivery regardless of where your teams, or our teams, are based

As our client, you are looking for services that meet your complex business and transformation challenges – effectively reducing costs and driving flexibility, improving performance and growth and delivering innovative services to your customers. SITS approach for delivering the IT solutions that will achieve these is all about helping you make the right choice that will best suit you.

Local presence with a global reach

As well as having the right people with the right skills and industry expertise to deliver services at your premises, our global reach means that we can also deliver them from elsewhere in the UK or one of our offshore operations. With centres strategically sited across the globe, the flexibility of our integrated delivery approach means we can work on complex IT, infrastructure, applications and process problems out of hours, so that you have a resolution when you arrive at work the next day.

Quality service delivery is transparent and to the same excellence regardless of where you or our teams are located. This is because we implement standardised tools and processes right across the world that ensure consistent service provision, irrespective of market or location. It’s all down to our empowered and committed teams having access to best in class tools, a culture of continuous improvement and a network of industry-leading service partners, that support standardised processes and ensure valued service provision.