Maximized Productivity

Record and review anything or everything that your employees do on their PCs, Macs and Android devices.

  • See which employees spend half the day on Facebook, Amazon or playing fantasy football
  • Get scheduled productivity reports (daily, weekly, monthly)
  • Understand exactly how long employees are “actively” working
  • Eliminate risky and inappropriate use of the internet
  • Monitor remote workers productivity
  • Investigate suspicious activity
  • Protect against data theft (client lists, financials, patient info., credit card info. etc.)


Daily Activity Report

Daily activity reports let you quickly see who’s working hard, and who’s not. Employee activity reports show applications used, websites visited and what Google searches they are doing and more. When you understand what employees are actually doing, you can increase the effectiveness of your management and productivity of your team.

Screen Recordings and DVR Playback

Imagine a surveillance camera pointed directly at each PC/MAC/Android, filming all on screen activity, and storing it securely for later review. 360 records all on-screen activity including:

  • Chats & instant messages
  • Social media sites
  • Emails sent and received
  • Online searches
  • Web sites visited
  • Application usage
  • Network connections & bandwidth consumed
  • Files transferred or downloaded
  • Documents printed or copied to a USB sticks
  • Keystrokes typed

Just Push Play!

Reviewing the screen recordings is simple with Veriato’s easy to use DVR-like controls. We make searching through hundreds of hours of video simple with the Smart Search feature. Simply input a keyword and quickly locate all the related screen shots, video clips and activity logs.

Keyword and Event Alerting

Receive productivity alerts (Joe has been on Facebook for 5 hours) and security alerts (Kurt just uploaded the complete client list to a cloud account). Keywords are customizable words or phrases that are specific to your company and may include sensitive documents or project names. Additionally, it provides standard keyword lists for indicators of fraud, hate speech, violence and hacking.

Program Activity Tracking

Our software will track how long a program is open and more importantly, how long an employee is actively using it. An accounts receivable representative having an accounting program open all day, but only using it for 15 minutes is a sure sign of trouble!!

Insider Attacks

An Extreme Risk for Small & Midsize Companies

71% percent of U.S. workers are so unhappy at work, that they are looking for a new jobs. This terrifying fact should alarm all companies, but small and mid-sized businesses are in greater peril from disgruntled employees because:

  • Most employees have access to all company data
  • SMBs lack advanced technologies to spot risks
  • SMBs work in a highly competitive local market
  • Financial hits caused by a breach can cripple a small business

Veriato will immediately send alerts based on customized triggers, letting you quickly investigate suspicious activities via video playback. This allows you to take immediate action with 100% confidence. The video evidence and data logs also become powerful evidence in legal proceedings.

Simplified Deployment & Management

Veriato offers simple implementation with cloud and on-premise options. You can deploy and manage the recorders from the dashboard, so that you never have to physically visit the employees’ machines


ROI & Day to Day Operational Impact

If you could see which employees were working hard and which were wasting time, how much more productive could your team be?

1%? 10%? 20%?

How much is your time worth? Reducing management time and hassle and gaining back hours each week, is every manager’s dream. If your team was working at peak efficiency, how many hours would you gain per day?

1/2 hour? 1 hour? 2 hours?

ROI Calculations

1 Team Productivity

  • If your annual revenue = $2.5 million
  • 1% increase in productivity = $25K additional revenue
  • 10% increase in productivity = $250K additional revenue
  • 20% increase in productivity = $500K additional revenue

2 Your Time

  • If you’re time is worth $150/hr.
  • 1/2 hour saved per day = $18k /year
  • 1 hour saved per day = $36k/year
  • 2 hours saved per day = $72k/year

3 Your Stress

  • Reducing your stress level…


  • 1   Reading news websites = 1 hr. & 5 mins
  • 2   Checking social media = 44 mins.
  • 3   Chatting with co-workers = 40 mins.
  • 4   Searching for new jobs = 26 mins.


Veriato Investigator installs quickly, records detailed information on employee activity, and enables fast, accurate, and efficient exploration and playback of the recorded data during employee investigations. Veriato employee investigation software provides the answers you need so informed decisions get made.

Get Accurate Evidence

Veriato employee investigation software automatically records all computer activity, creating a record that can be used as evidence in civil and criminal litigation.

Centrally Managed

Veriato Investigator’s invisible agent is deployed silently and managed from a remote console, so the target of the investigation is not alerted.

Keep Your Data Secure

Recordings are centrally encrypted, stored and password protected, ensuring only appropriate eyes access and view the data.

Veriato employee investigation software records every detail

Video Playback

Veriato Investigator automatically records all computer activity, creating a record that can be used as evidence in civil and criminal litigation.

Website Activity

Capture website visits, searches performed, and social media activity, all with categorization and detailed time tracking.

Email Recording

Archive every email sent and received from both corporate email and webmail services such as Gmail and Yahoo.

Chat & IM

Record a complete copy of both sides of chat and instant messaging conversations.

File & Document Tracking

Watch for files being printed, edited on a network drive, or copied to an external device.

Application Activity

Track activities on local, removable, and cloud storage, as well as print operations. See when files are created, edited, deleted, or renamed.

Network Activity

Know exactly when an application was used, what was done while open and how long was the application in use.

Keystroke Logging

Capture communications activity in traditional email clients as well as many popular webmail services, and have a searchable system of record that can be alerted and reported on.

Wasted Time on the Internet

Find out who your biggest offenders are by seeing exactly where, when, and how much time your employees are spending on non-work activities.

HR Issues

Identify inappropriate communications or actions across web, email, webmail, and social media.

Theft of Corporate Data

See who is accessing customer lists, financial records or other high value business documents and know exactly what is done with them.

Employee Misconduct

Determine exactly what an employee is or is not doing while on the clock and quickly review his or her day in a matter of minutes.

Compliance Violations

Audit compliance policies and procedures by watching employee actions. Should a problem occur, be notified in real-time and know, with certainty, the extent of the problem.