Transforming the company with end-to-end security

n an economy marked by digital transformation and the need for continuous innovation, risks are increasing and constantly evolving. 

General Management, CIOs, IS Security Officers (CISOs) and Data Protection Officers are increasingly faced with cybercrime: in 2017, cyber attacks were up 9% and increased financial losses by more than 50% in France in 2017 (according to The Global State of Information Security Survey, 2018).

Companies now need to comply with strict European IS and data protection regulations (GDPR) in a context of fast-paced digital transformation that requires increased digital trust. As an example, 40% of companies indicate data safety issues as the the number one barrier preventing their move to Cloud services (RSI Corporation study 2017).

It is necessary to provide end-to-end security for the transformation, ranging from business processes to infrastructures, by constantly anticipating new emerging threats and risks.

With its innovative and multidisciplinary approach to “Cybersecurity and digital trust”, SITS is transforming risk into a value-adding opportunity.

Cybersecurity: a global challenge of trust in the face of new threats

Multiform and shifting cyber attacks, information openly accessible in the cloud, IoT acting as a gateway that is often poorly secured… Digitization places the issue of digital trust at the forefront of executives’ concerns.

Beyond the security tools and technologies, companies need to adopt a truly digital culture of resilience and trust. How?

SITS “Cybersecurity and digital trust”: a global response to the challenges of threat management, risk assessment and compliance

The aim of our approach is to transform risk into a development opportunity for your organization.

We are the reference cybersecurity partner for a number of major strategic institutional and economic players: SITS offers a comprehensive range of cybersecurity services focused on prevention, protection and detection/response measures.

Trusted services operator: SITS is involved in the development of the sector at the European level, in close collaboration with Defense institutions and regulatory authorities such as the Agence Nationale de Sécurité des SI (ANSSI) in France. Our audit services are PASSI qualified (prestataire d’audit de sécurité des SI  – IS security audit service provider) and our SOC detection services are in the process of being PDIS certified (prestataire de détection des incidents de sécurité  – security incident detection service provider).

Digital Facilitator: With the acceleration of digitization, the company’s value is focused on its applications and the value of its data. SITS implements comprehensive application and data security programs to protect sensitive information assets and helps accelerate the digital transformation of customers.

What makes SITS different? A reference partner for stakeholders in the defense sector and the main French economic players (Aeronautics, Banking, Energy, Transport).State-of-the-art SOC services with unique feedback through solutions like Threat Intelligence, Threat Quotient and IBM Watson for Cybersecurity.Cooperation with a team including lawyers specialized in digital technology, data scientists, researchers in Artificial Intelligence and renowned hackers.An industrial network of Cybersecurity Centers in Europe and Singapore that offer, beyond SOC, access to the entire SITSportfolio.The full strength of SITS Group’s expertise in new digital technologies, application management and infrastructure management through an end to end approach.

Our expertise  

  • Governance, risks and compliance: to help them face new challenges in terms of risks and compliance, the teams at SITS support CISOs in the implementation and industrialization of a global, innovative and proactive GRC (Governance, Risk & Compliance) approach.
  • Regulatory compliance: our teams include specialized lawyers with both legal and operational skills to ensure continuous compliance with new national and European regulations such as the Military Programming Act (Loi de Programmation Militaire – LPM), the EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) or the Network Information Security Directive (NIS).
  • Application security: to insure the security of your applications, we deploy high-performance programs based on a “security by design” approach and audit your source code as the technological foundation. We also assist you in meeting the new challenges associated with the migration of applications to the cloud and DevOps-type practices.
  • Data security: Regardless of the IT environment, our comprehensive data security program ranging from business risk to protection & monitoring measures, combining regulatory compliance and data science, provides you with the trust and confidence you need as well as increasing the value of your data.
  • Security Intelligence Centre (SIC): to respond to all levels of threat and anticipate cyber attacks, traditional and reactive SOC methods are no longer sufficient. We are transforming our SOC into an SIC in order to place Threat Intelligence and information gathering at the heart of our security processes.
  • For all these areas of expertise, innovation is a major focus, both in technologies and in services and business models. For that reason, SITS has set up a dedicated innovation laboratory for cybersecurity in Toulouse.