Gain a step-change in performance improvement for
your front and back office operations

What if you could redesign the vital processes that drive your organisation, positively transform agility and cost while freeing your teams to focus on performance and growth?

That’s what SITS award-winning Business Process Services (BPS) deliver, combining outsourcing (BPO), consultancy and transformation services. SITS is one of the leading BPS providers in Europe, the market leader for Finance & Accounting and runs arguably the largest multi-service, multi-client Shared Service in Europe. We run high-end operations for various industries across customer service, data validation, compliance checking, payments and query resolutions.

Private and public sector organisations trust our experience-led approach to help them run smarter, optimising either solitary functions or fundamentally restructuring how they work to create fluid, OPEX-based operating models to save millions and transform service. 

Where some consultants focus on futures that may not happen, we roll up our sleeves and deliver, analysing your performance and designing a realistic improvement plan, and executing, giving you a dynamic mix of know-how and can-do unrivalled in the industry. Our aim? It’s to seamlessly replace stale, rigid and outdated processes with commercially innovative, lean and responsive new ways of working. Collaboration is at the heart of everything we do, working intimately with your key stakeholders to deliver pragmatic, reliable solutions in line with your own specific business objectives. Our philosophy is to make realistic promises and over-deliver – never wooing you with hype but rather wowing you with tangible business impact and bankable results. 

Our approach

The backbone of our approach is our comprehensive Process Intelligence Methodology (PIM). This covers the complete business run/change cycle, drawing upon our consultancy, transformation and delivery services. 

Through the tools, methods and experience embodied within PIM, SITS can take organisations from operational health-checks, through radical re-visioning of the operating model to transformed services that are sustainably improving, delivered by a motivated, empowered team. We push the boundaries of BPS, from the type of work we run to the way in which we design its delivery. We track, embrace and implement “hot” new ideas from BPaaS* to Robotic Process Automation.

Our methodology was built to transition and transform some of the most complex business processes outsourced today. This helps prove the “art of the possible” and expand the benefits case. It allows us to take on highly unique industry-specific work safely, rapidly realising better outcomes. It also recognises that transformation is a two-way street and that the retained organisation often has a massive change journey to take. SITS consultants can support you with your change programme bringing learnings from other successful business transformations.

If you have a question on any of our services, or would like to discuss topics such as BPaaS* or Robotic Process Automation, please contact us

Human resources

There is increasing recognition that the HR function can play a vital strategic role

This role can only be achieved if the HR function moves from a heavily transactional-based business model to one that is able to strategically align and manage talent and create a responsive and customer-centric culture.

SITS is delivering a range of HR solutions for private and public sector organisations, from shared service and organisation design, HR Platform implementation and upgrades, specialist managed recruitment services, to end-to-end service delivery including in some instances policy advice.

How do we achieve this for our HR clients?

We embrace industry best practice such as the renowned Ulrich model and assess and select the most appropriate business model for partnering. The options available include:

  • standardisation and technology
  • shared services
  • selective HR outsourcing
  • full HR outsourcing
  • offshore HR outsourcing

Our HR specialists understand your business. They are HR professionals: individuals who have proven their capability both client-side and supplier-side and teams who have proven their ability to deliver cost savings and performance improvements. They are supported by a platform-independent technology approach that utilises best-in-class processes, IT applications and delivery model. So while we’re optimising your back office transactional activity and making HR easy for your users, your HR team can focus on delivering a commercially focused HR strategy aligned with corporate objectives and market conditions.

Managing complex payrolls

We have a large payroll and expenses team, handling a huge variety of terms and conditions, tax statements and pensions work. We make use of technology to automate many components, from on-line expenses, including specialist categories like mobile phone bills, to on-line payslips.

Award-winning projects

Our experts have been recognised in a number of professional awards, including by the prestigious Payroll World Awards 2014. We were shortlisted for the TUPE transfer and payroll on-boarding of 1,200 new staff into SITS from the UK Government’s Shared Service (SSCL), while our NHS SBS joint venture was the winner of the Auto-Enrolment Project. Describing the implementation as “exemplary” by the judges, the award acknowledges the achievements of the payroll team which enabled 34 NHS clients to meet their auto-enrolment staging dates within the timescale and to the regulation’s standards. The team not only ensured we delivered a compliant service but minimised the upheaval for clients by becoming the go-to experts on auto-enrolment and supporting them every step of the way to reach their staging dates successfully.

Specialist talent hiring

If you are interested in recruiting new talent – permanent, interim, temporary, contract, then please contact our award-winning SITS Recruitment team.


Showing that your spending is under control and well managed is critical to the credibility of the board

Smart procurement can dramatically lower the bottom line costs of the entire organisation – achieving it is challenging

The Source-to-Pay process splits across two functional responsibilities. In many organisations, knowledge of the effectiveness of policy compliance frequently comes long after the purchase is made, giving only a retrospective view. It requires feeds from the accounts payable and expenses systems. It needs careful coding and use of goods categories, up-to-date supplier Master Data Management (MDM), and purchases all linked and checked against quality, contractual terms and discount volumes. The ability to show that your spending is under control and well managed is critical to the credibility of the board.

Poor compliance, complex supplier portfolios and belated visibility of actual spend are just some of the challenges to address. However, really smart procurement is as much about cultural change as it is about improving systems and processes. At its heart is the need to ensure procurement is well-aligned to the internal business unit customers but also shows the collective impact of better practice.

It is relatively easy to employ technology to simply speed up procurement, using e-catalogues, purchasing cards, portals, e-invoicing and auto-reconciliations, but this does not wholly address the fundamentals of effective procurement.

Organisations typically have strong control on key strategic supplier negotiations but there is often concern that the negotiated deals are eroded by non-compliant behaviours within the business. In addition to this contract leakage, limited procurement control on less important, but often high volume categories can together represent significant margin erosion.

Add to this large numbers of active suppliers, diverse materials and products, lack of transparency, and fragmented IT and the challenge becomes even tougher.

SITS can help give you back control by unravelling the complexity. There is rarely a one-size-fits-all approach, yet bringing in good practice and ideas from our experience across many businesses can make the difference. Our partnership style means we work with you to define and drive the journey, recognising the challenges. We’re able to reach back into extensive Purchase-to-Pay expertise from our F&A operations. The initial review of the existing procurement operation helps surface issues and opportunities for change whilst protecting and optimising existing investment in technology, process and people. It’s about putting in place the right initiatives at the right time to deliver substantial business benefit.

From sourcing to payment, our Consultancy and BPS services will deliver business case-led programmes of work aligned to your at-risk areas of procurement to give you back control, optimise savings, cost avoidance and efficiency.

If you would like to discuss the challenges you may have with any aspect of your procurement function, please contact us.