Turn your data into information and gain real business value

The ability to share accurate information across your organisation is crucial for competitive advantage.

This demands a Business Intelligence landscape that reliably provides trusted, actionable and up-to-date information where and when it is needed. Effective Business Intelligence leads to a step-change in how underlying data is managed, incorporating a mix of structured, semi-structured and unstructured datasets in an effort to provide a fully rounded analytical capability from which rich information can be attained and presented providing business value in both operational and management contexts from underlying strategic data assets.


For many years, SITS has been helping organisations turn their data into information and gain real business value from it. Our approach is client focused, business led and driven by gaining a clear understanding of the key data within an organisation, providing solutions that are easy to use and maximise today’s extensive capabilities in terms of visualisation and mobility to ease consumption and interpretation.

We have one of the largest Business Intelligence capabilities in Europe, providing services tailored to our clients’ needs. We not only focus upon software selection, cloud or on-premise infrastructure provision but go beyond this to deliver through collaboration, your objectives aligned against your vision ensuring a positive business outcome. Our tried-and-tested design and implementation models and methods will provide you all the tools you need, from data warehousing to reporting and analytics.

Our approach

Our approach to BI projects is one of continuous evolvement in rapid deployment and ongoing enhancement. We have extensive experience in all aspects of BI solution delivery and, more specifically, of the methods, techniques and architectures that underpin successful projects. We can offer the right mix of business and technical acumen necessary in BI projects and provide the BI solutions and long-term support that help organisations maximise the value they derive from their data.

Through our Business Intelligence Maturity Model (BIMM®), we have developed proven methodologies that have shaped the BI landscape across Europe. They also speed up BI project results. The methodologies include:

  • our Business Intelligence Strategy Evolution (biSE) framework is a comprehensive methodology for developing business intelligence strategies
  • our proprietary BI Maturity Audit (biMA®) methodology is used by many European companies to help establish their BI strategies and assess current initiatives
  • with our Business Intelligence Governance Framework (biGOV) we offer advice on how clients can successfully develop and implement their own Business Intelligence Competency Centre.

Our team undertakes a regular biMM™ survey, providing us with unique insight into how the Business Intelligence Market is evolving, focusing upon the key challenges that our clients face and overcome through our transformation services. SITS also understands the need to work in close collaboration with our clients. We have the soft skills and style  needed to work as a single team delivering joint solutions. Our BI specialists can help your in-house team gain the knowledge required to support your organisation’s solution well into the future. Our collaborative approach will enable you to gain best value from our expertise whilst enabling you to augment your skill base and instill an appropriately structured centre of excellence, facilitating effective information provision and continuous improvement.