Decentralising data in the digital age

The Blockchain market is growing fast and should reach, more than 10 billion Euros worldwide by 2022, according to IDC. It could completely revolutionise practices and secure applications in all sectors.

SITS, the first to have detected the potential of Blockchain in 2014, created a global network of experts and is supporting its development in major French and European organisations.

Private Blockchain supporting a digital ecosystem

With the private Blockchain, firms now have numerous opportunities: enhanced security, reliability, transparency, improved traceability of transactions and simplified development thanks to automation and rationalisation.

This makes it a promising technology for safer and more resilient applications in all fields.

Wondering how to implement a Blockchain project in your company?

Our vision: « Start small and grow the ecosystem »

  • An agnostic approach: our experts work on several frameworks to offer you the right solution for each business case.
  • Emergence of new ecosystems: allowing your data to flow in a decentralised and secure Blockchain environment is essential.
  • Progressive development: before embarking your entire ecosystem, remember that the key to the success of a Blockchain project means testing and trying your project with a limited set of stakeholders

Blockchain’s industrialised approach

  • A strategy that mixes industrialisation and co-design: our experts rely on a set of pre-defined components (frameworks, canvas, toolkit) to initiate and adapt the project to your needs, with tailor-made co-design workshops.
  • Blockchain experts: as a pioneer in the field of Blockchain, SITS has trained more than 200 consultants in partnership with prestigious higher education institutes. We also have more than 30 client credentials.
  • An end-to-end offer: our teams support you starting from the scoping phase, with our Consulting activities, we work on identifying use cases, scoping then development, software development and running platforms.

Our expertise

  • 200 consultants, senior developer and architects trained in Blockchain, Hyperledfer, Ethereum, Quorum, Corda and IOTA protocols in 7 countries (France, United-Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Norway and India)
  • Two centres of excellence located in Noida (India) and Paris (France)
  • Technical and operational trainings (Business Analyst, Ethereum, Hyperledger, IOTA…)
  • A hundred use cases, releases and several prototypes developed.