The new driver of operational excellence

According to the global research firm Gartner, in 2018 barely 4% of companies have already launched artificial intelligence projects, while nearly half of them appear to be gearing up to do so.

AI – a short- and medium-term growth lever

In conjunction with fundamental breakthroughs in laboratories (cognitive) or applied within the framework of R&D projects (decision-support and robotisation), AI is a continuous improvement tool for your company.
Seen as one of the ways to transform your company, AI will increasingly support or even “augment” human beings, rather than replacing them. We can expect immediate benefits and – in the medium-term – operational efficiency.

In this context, how can you efficiently and usefully implement your artificial intelligence initiatives?

SITS strategies and methods for supporting AI

We can advise you in defining and delivering new AI services to help you achieve operational excellence.

We will help you optimise your processes (creation, decision-making, sales, client relations, production, etc.) and automate processing operations to increase the value of your offerings.

SITS provides major organisations with support in their artificial intelligence initiatives, particularly companies operating in the banking, insurance, aeronautical, transport and telecoms sectors. 

Our beliefsHuman beings are central to the ecosystem, with employees who are “augmented” by AI “Think Big, Start Small”: an AI project designed for the whole company, initially tested over a specific area, which melts into existing architectures and can be deployed quickly and easily via adapted platformsA flexible and responsive AI project which brings value to the business, and adapts to the sector’s technological changes and constraintsThe AI is necessarily integrated into existing processes

Our expertise

SITS has developed a complete and innovative offering:

The “augmented” customer: omnichannel, 24/24 and 7/7, a sales route (with personalised advice) with the incorporation of virtual and voice assistants, image analysis or semantic analysis.

The “augmented” employee: training, customer service, added-value assignments, improved productivity, excellence of aids, etc. (to be translated with AI technologies).

The “augmented” company: knowledge management and collective intelligence, predictive maintenance, decision-support tools, HR excellence, Smart Application Management, etc.

To help you successfully implement your AI initiatives, SITS experts have complete control over three key components – business, technology, and integrating initiatives into existing architecture.

Expected benefits:

  • increased employee efficiency
  • increased company performance
  • decision support 
  • effective cost optimisation

All of this support is underpinned by a dedicated team made up of more than 200 employees who have been trained in AI technologies, and two centres of excellence in Europe and India.

Strategic partnerships bolster our expertise in market solutions and their development. Our close relationships with the R&D centres mean that we are able to access innovative and competitive AI tools: IBM Watson, Microsoft, Expert System, Living Actor, Google, Amazon Web Services.